Friday, May 20, 2011

15-year gets hammered off 2 Four Lokos, gets killed - Family sues Four Loko

September 25th, 2010: Bo Rupp, a teenager, 'skilled athlete with an easy, wide smile', got hit by one of his neighbor's car after wandering alone on a poorly lit road. He died shortly after.

Turns out, he had drunk two cans of Four Lokos right before. Now let's remember that he was 15 years old, that is to say 6 years before he is legally able to buy alcohol.

And now, his parents decided to go to court, to sue... Four Lokos. How come he even had the Four Lokos that night? How come his parents let him do it or didn't know about it, to begin with? Shouldn't they at least take some responsibility and see what's wrong with what THEY did?

What do you think? Four Lokos's fault, or the parents?

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